Sloane (Kennel Manager)

Sloane Warwick is a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee Knoxville. She realized her passion for animals at a very young age. Her family began to foster litters through a local rescue and this encourage Sloane to begin volunteering at Young Williams Animal Center. After years of volunteering through countless rescues, Sloane decided to start her very own rescue Vols 4 Paws right here in Knoxville. Sloane has three rescue pups of her own: Balto, a 4 year old terrier mix, Floof, a 2 year old blind and deaf Double Merle Aussie, and Kenya, a 6 year old American Bully. On top of this, Sloane keeps a continuous cycle of up to 5 fosters at all times. If you can't tell, Sloane loves and has experience with dogs of all breeds, all sizes and all physical abilities. She is beyond excited to be a part of the PAWZ team and can’t wait to get to know every dog that comes through our doors!


Becca (Pack Leader)


Rebecca is from South Knoxville and has known Jennifer the majority of her life. She has two dogs of her own, Charlie and Lindsey. Charlie is a 4 year old dachshund that loves to sleep and cuddle, and Lindsey is a 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier Mix who still loves playing like a puppy. Anytime she is interacting with the dogs at PAWZ, her main goal is to love on them and cherish them just like her own two pups. Rebecca is currently a sophomore at Johnson University and plays on the ultimate Frisbee team. She loves traveling and has been to South Africa twice!


Kealie (Pack Assistant)


Kealie is one of the newest additions to our PAWZ team but is no stranger to a love of animals! Our owner, Jennifer, and Kealie grew up together and Jennifer always saw how much Kealie loved her family’s pets and the care she gave them. This spring when Kealie graduated from South-Doyle High School, Jennifer decided to bring Kealie on to the team so she could work part time before starting college at the University of Tennessee this fall to study Sociology and Criminal Justice. She is someone who always gives 110% to any job or a project she is a part of and that is one of the main reasons we are glad to have her at PAWZ. She loves keeping your pups active and your pups love keeping her on her toes!

At PAWZ Dog Services we are committed to providing excellent care to your furry friends. In doing so, we train ALL of our staff using The Dog Guru's - Knowing Dogs 101 & 201 programs. This is to ensure they have the knowledge to handle any situation that might occur. 

About Us

Our Mission


 To create a clean, safe, and trusted environment that stimulates and enriches the dog's life while still allowing them to feel at home. We strive to make not only the pet comfortable but the human as well, giving them one less thing to worry about.

Our Vision


 To create true happiness within ourselves and animals by making an impact on the way all are treated. We work to do this by providing love, patience, and compassion through the best care possible for the dogs we are entrusted with. 

Our Values


To provide a professional, accountable, reliable, and trustworthy service to both dogs and their humans in Knoxville, TN. We know most humans have a busy schedule that's why we aspire to be a flexible option for everyone.


At PAWZ Dog Services we understand that a love and passion for animals can sometimes be hard to explain. If you have ever had a deep love for any pet or animal in general you know just what this means. Seeing their emotions and the joy, or sometimes the sadness they can feel leaves a lasting impression in your heart that can never be forgotten. PAWZ aspires to embody the love you share for your furry friends through the attention, stimulation at play, compassion, and the care we provide. The primary reason PAWZ began is due to those exact same emotions being taught to founder, Jennifer McKinney, through the dogs she’s owned and known through out life.

PAWZ began when the owner, Jennifer McKinney, found an unbreakable relationship with her Great Dane Marley. Marley enjoys hiking, going to brunch, and meeting new people. Occasionally, Jennifer would have to take a trip that Marley was unable to attend and she found it difficult to find a trusted sitter that treated Marley as their own, and not just as a client. Jennifer had previous experience with animals at veterinarian offices and would go in even on her off days to play with the boarded animals and make sure they didn’t feel alone or scared. Jennifer began watching dogs and cats in her own home, and soon found many others were seeking this similar calm and inviting environment. These two experiences prompted her to create PAWZ, where animals are always treated as family, constantly stimulated and able to experience a relationship just like the one they have at home with their owner. 

Jennifer’s connection with dogs has been one that has been cultivated over years of companionship, and she would even say that connection is stronger than the connections she shares with most humans. If you can relate to the PAWZ story, then you are already part of the family. Allow us to continue the care you provide at home, even when you can’t be around. Feel free to book a meet and greet for us to get to know your pets a little better and for us to answer any questions or request regarding your pet’s stay with us. Although Jennifer’s main focus is dogs, she has experience with all kinds of animals. Feel free to ask if we can accommodate your cats, reptiles, bunnies or fish!